Bhagyashree Warke

About me

I’m Bhagyashree Warke, a graphologist (handwriting expert) from Pune. I was first introduced to graphology when I was 17 by Mr. Shrikant Paranjape. I was amazed by the power of handwriting analysis and decided to learn graphology. I’m practicing graphology since then…!

My curiosity took me to learn and understand the depth of handwriting analysis. I have completed graduation in commerce and at the same time, I became Certified Handwriting Analyst from Handwriting University International, USA. Since then I have analyzed more than 6000 handwritings.

I’m also a certified color analyst. I have basic knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well. I do conduct therapies and training sessions for all age groups.

What is Graphology or Handwriting Analysis?

Graphology means an analysis of everything which we write on paper. It is a study of graphics, doodles, graphs etc. It is the science of understanding personality traits via handwriting. Handwriting reflects the thoughts, feelings, and habits present at the moment of writing. Handwriting is a reflection of writers psychology. Handwriting never lies. Graphology is an assessment of handwriting to determine character, nature, and skills of a person. In simple language, graphology is a study of handwriting.

The word graphology is a combination of the Greek word graphein and ‘ology’. Graphein means ‘to write’ and suffix ology means ‘a branch of scientific study’ so, graphology is a study of writing, based on growing information which is constantly being used and tested in practical use.

Handwriting is brainwriting. It can tell many things about a person. Handwriting freezes and draws a picture of subconscious mind through specific strokes, on paper. We, graphologists, are trained to analyze those traits. Brain directs us to do everything. Similarly, brain directs us to write. Every one of us is taught in the same way to write all letters yet, everyone’s handwriting differs. Types of handwriting differ as per personality traits. Reason; handwriting is a graph of the subconscious mind which is presented on paper.

Handwriting is an expression of a personality. It is a record of mental, emotional and spiritual tendencies. Handwriting is an outward reflection of inner functions. It is an indication of psychic health. Handwriting analysis is a logical method of personality assessment that is supported by statistical and experimental research.

So, are you ready to know, what your handwriting says about you?

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