11 Simple Ways To Analyse Personality Using Baseline in Graphology

In this post I’m going to show 11 key techniques about baseline in graphology.

All these techniques will help you to learn handwriting analysis.

If you are new to graphology this post will show how to get started with baseline in graphology.

And if you are a professional graphologist this post will reveal advanced tips and traits along with graphology examples.Baseline in Graphology

About Baseline in Graphology :

According to graphology, we could write separately in 3 zones; Upper zone, Middle zone and Lower zone.

Baseline in Graphology
Zones in Graphology

In handwriting analysis, baseline helps to determine how to deal with the combination of cognitive, social and instinctual drives.

When we write on a blank page, the imaginary line written below our words is considered as baseline. In print writing, we take a path as a base but in cursive writing we have an upward stroke, followed closely by a downward stroke. This stroke formation creates a letter, and it constructs a base to these letters. As a result of this formation, we begin a letter from a reality we extend our imagination/ experience and also return to the real life. Thus, a baseline can be known as a line of reality.

The baseline depends on the temperament of a writer. It is one of the most significant elements of handwriting analysis. It reveals foundation of our personality. Baseline indicates writer’s perception of the reality. The baseline is also called as a gateway to our subconscious mind.

While writing on blank paper, we write letters imaginary line. As we write, letters vary up and down from this imaginary baseline. Everyone structures own baseline based on his or her subconscious mind. Either in print or in cursive handwriting, baseline leads us to writer’s subconscious mind.

One of the main reasons, professional graphologists prefer handwriting sample on the un-ruled page. It gives writer full freedom.

The baseline is a sign of writer’s moods, honesty, principled character, social control, personality, mindset, flexibility, etc. The baseline is an ego-adjustment line of an individual.

Like Margins, Baseline is also a part of Gestalt Technique.

Lets Get Started..!

Blank Page Writing:

Individuals who opt to write on blank pages are free, individualistic, unconventional, spontaneous and less organised.

Ruled Page Writing:

Individuals who choose to write on the ruled page and when they can maintain straight lines then they are organised. They prefer to design their own plans within lives. They always make an effort to establish their lifestyles on planning.

This writer drew line on blank page and then wrote the content. 

Baseline in graphology
Ruled Page Writing

Baseline indicates security and emotional stability from handwriting. Let us imagine driving a car. When we drive on a flat surface area, we feel secure and stable. The uneven, irregular area makes driving less stable and extremely rough area requires a constant lookout. It gives a feeling of insecurity and instability. Similarly, baseline shows which area writer is currently driving.

1. How Baseline Looks?

1.1 Overly straight Baseline in Graphology

If the baseline is even, the writer most of the times feels stable and secure. He is consistent. Reliable personality. Reputable character. He gives Controlled emotional response. This writer is self- disciplined person. Adaptive. Practical. Flexible, Adaptive individual. He can adapt to situations. He has got the willingness to experience all of the emotions. Healthy spontaneity.

Baseline in Graphology
Overly Straight Baseline

1.2 Erratic Baseline in Graphology

Sometimes writer’s physical conditions cause wavy/ irregular baseline. While writing, the writer should be in natural health condition. He should not be on medication. That can develop a wavy baseline and inappropriate handwriting analysis.

While assessing regular writing, erratic baseline shows insufficient internal stability, unstable emotions. Less control over self. The writer has a confusion between reality and illustration. Unstable moods and working habits. Undecided. She or he has not received adequate love and affection from parents. This individual is not disciplined in lifestyle. This shows writer is sensitive to every event in life and he feels just like riding an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes writer lacks proper emotional control.


Wavy Baseline in Graphology
Erratic Baseline
Baseline in graphology
Sample: Erratic Baseline

1.3 Rigidly Straight Baseline in Graphology

Rigid Baseline in Graphology
Rigid Baseline

This reveals rigid line beneath words. It shows writer’s subconscious need to control emotions cautiously. It is possible that in childhood writer had over controlling parents or teachers or elders. The writer attempts to control every aspect of life. The writer’s reactions are predictable. Occasionally monotonous. He behaves artificially. His responses are not real, or we could say spontaneously. He tries to become a perfectionist in every manner. Because of experiencing over control on a regular basis, he feels anxious. Uncompromising character. This writer is afraid of things going wrong. Fears loss of control. He faces lots of insecurities in life.

2. Direction of Line

Straight-ish or wavy drawn baseline is one aspect of entire baseline. The direction of the baseline is also essential to understand while studying handwriting. The direction of baseline says about his or her perspective towards life. Ascending lines are an indication of positive mood, and descending lines describe pessimism and sadness. It indicates writers’ current mood at the time of writing (exception extremely rigid baseline). Therefore, it is wise to analyse more than one sample.

2.1 Normally Straight baseline in Graphology

Baseline in Graphology
Normally Straight Baseline

This indicates writer is well-balanced, loyal, focused on his job. Determined person. He is committed for his purpose of life. She or he is emotionally stable. Firm on own decisions. The writer has consistency in activity. A reliable individual. The individual has the capability to deal effectively with daily circumstances. Here, writer’s mind disciplines his emotions. The person is peace loving. Flexible personality.

2.2 Ascending Baseline in Graphology

This indicates writer is well-balanced, loyal, focused on his job. Determined person. He is committed for his purpose of life. She or he is emotionally stable. Firm on own decisions. The writer has consistency in activity. A reliable individual. The individual has the capability to deal effectively with daily circumstances. Here, writer’s mind disciplines his emotions. The person is peace loving. Flexible personality.

Ascending Baseline in Graphology
Ascending Baseline
Baseline in graphology
Sample: Ascending Baseline

2.3 Specific Words Ascend

Specific words Ascend- Baseline in Graphology
Specific words Ascend

Specific word ascending indicates a favorable emphasis on that particular word. The person is attached to that particular word, e.g. when a person writes ‘I love Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Ricky Ponting are my favourite cricketers.’ If word Sachin shows rising baseline, it means the individual has more attachment.

Graphology- Baseline
Specific Words Ascend.

2.4 Overly Ascending Baseline in Graphology

Ascending Baseline in Graphology
Overly Ascending Baseline

If the baseline is excessively ascending, then it shows exaggeration. It shows writer is absurdly optimistic and lacks practicality. He has urged for authority, however, has less. The person is egoistic.

2.5 Descending Baseline in Graphology

He has a negative approach to life. It can result in temporary fatigue, exhaustion, illness or depression. The writer feels hopeless, disappointed in every circumstance. These individuals are dull, troubled, unenthusiastic. They have low energy. Lazy. Most of the times Pessimistic approach. They have depression/sorrow/ insecurities stuffed inside the self. A possibility is that a physical weakness can cause this baseline. This will not signify a suicidal tendency of a writer.

Descending Baseline- Graphology
Descending Baseline
Baseline in graphology
Sample: Descending Baseline

2.6 Specific Words Descending

Specific words Descend- Baseline in Graphology
Specific Words Descend

This indicates negative or uncomfortable feeling about this specific word. The writer might be worried, anxious, nervous, disturbed, restless or discomfort as a result of an environment. One must cross-check the precise feeling with other traits.

Baseline in graphology
Specific Words Descend

2.7 End of The Line Descending

Suicidal Baseline in graphology
Sucidal Baseline

The baseline is straight across the page, and at the end unexpectedly it moves down. It shows writer suddenly gets depressed. One can also call it a sign of alert. These individuals can get suicidal.

Mentioned link contains suicide note of student from Osmania University. Check “Good Bye” from the note. 

Suicide Note Published in TOI.

2.8 Arch Formation(Convex)

Convex Baseline in Graphology
Convex Baseline

In case the baseline goes upward and then down this means writer feels enthusiastic but has hardly any endurance to sustain. It forms an arch. Where an upward baseline indicates, he is hopeful, energetic, ambitious and passionate. A downward baseline that’s an end of the upward line suggests the writer is now less busy, discouraged, depressed or else he feels defeated. We can say this person is enthusiastic/ excited without having stamina.

Convex Baseline in Graphology
Sample: Convex Baseline

2.9 Concave Formation

In this first, the line goes down after which it starts to ascend. It appears that hollow formation. It indicates the writer is unenthusiastic/ negative in the beginning but finally catches up and becomes optimistic and energetic. These people are able to control their initial unwillingness. Best, e.g. can be students completing their projects just a day before the submission day. Initially, they had sufficient time to finish their projects; however, they choose not to. As the submission day gets closer, these students gather their strengths and work energetically for completing the project.

concave Baseline in Graphology
Concave Baseline
Baseline in graphology
Sample: Concave Baseline

2.10 Ascending Steps Baseline in Graphology

The picture itself explains why it is called ascending steps. These writers have clashes between personal encouragement. They often counter check their impulse. This writer feels a need for a regular survey of his urges, instincts and stimulation.

2.11 Descending Steps Baseline in Graphology

This writer continually fights against inner despair, misery, disappointment, and depression. He struggles against unhappiness and heartaches. The writer is trying to keep up.


I hope you enjoyed my post on baseline in graphology. Above mentioned baseline professional graphologists use to analyze personality. 

So do write on a paper and check your baseline. Or you can check your friends baseline.

Comment below and let us know your findings.

Note: Assessing personality just by looking at baselines is not correct. There are many factors to be considered such as size of handwriting, margins, pen pressure, letter spacing etc. Stay tuned for such interesting article.

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