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Nowadays handwriting analysis is getting well known among youth. Understanding few facts of handwriting analysis doesn’t make any person expert. To become Handwriting Analyst or Handwriting Expert requires hard work & experience. Well known handwriting experts have struggled for years before getting success. Handwriting Analysis is a tool which goes hand in hand with counselling, career guidance, pre-marriage counselling, understanding health issues, recruitment etc. I realized many handwriting experts are working on a personal level for many years. Putting their views together and learning through their experiences was an interesting idea. So, I interviewed many people and sharing their views with you all. It will help us to know the views and opinions of different handwriting analysts through this platform.
Handwriting Expert Shrikant Paranjape sir introduced me to the interesting world of handwriting analysis. So, I’d like to share his interview first.

Handwriting Expert Shrikant Paranjape

Handwriting Expert - Mr. Shrikant Paranjape

Mr. Shrikant Paranjape is an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur. He is C.E.O. at Tachometric Controls, a manufacturer of electrical products. Currently, he is doing exciting work of manufacturing electric motors for vehicles. Apart from his successful career in business, he is a well-known graphologist in Pune. He is the owner of ‘Graphology for You.’ Mr. Shrikant Paranjape is a Certified Handwriting Analysts of Handwriting University International. He offers live classes, consultations, and specialized courses in handwriting analysis.

When & How you were introduced to Handwriting Analysis?

“It was an accident. I attended a presentation on handwriting analysis by Mr. Milind Rajore in 1998 at a rotary club. I was fascinated & wanted to learn Handwriting Analysis. So ultimately I got trained & certified by him in year 2000. 

I have always been amazed with this science and art to be able to read a person like a book ! I have made my attempts to learn & pick up things for so many years and that efforts will continue forever. The basics taught to us were not confined to handwriting alone but we learnt to see this as science of graphics and that gave us a very different dimensions at looking at not only handwriting but also drawings, doodles, logos, forms & graphics, colours etc.”

How handwriting Analysis helped you?

“The biggest opportunity of learning graphology was to work on our self in the first place !! I have worked a lot on my own handwriting and my own personality. Only I have known the changes in me, which I can’t express to others. It gives me immense satisfaction to see the changes manifesting in me in a short duration or at times after long duration of 4 to 5 years !!”

Have you been practicing graphology regularly?

“I had been practicing at amateur level for 12 years where I took a serious view of my commitments for this activity only to make a decision to become professional. I then got enrolled in the Handwriting University International, USA to be graduated the next year and to become a mentor and trainer the next year! I feel proud to teach basics of graphology to hundreds of students in and out of India. This a way of contributing & helping create a difference in people’s life.”

Any interesting experiences you like to share?

“I have had amazing experiences for having known handwriting analysis and I keep sharing with my friends & students ! Right from getting sudden and unexpected reservation in hotels, bus and railway to getting invited as a key note speaker and chief guests on various prestigious platforms. These experiences have made my life so much valuable!”

Graphology Courses

Will Handwriting Analysis sustain in technology era?

“There is a common feeling that handwriting analysis is going to be out dated as we see people writing less & less every passing day. Actually we need to understand that this has more to do with the psyche of the person, very important concept is that your handwriting is showing your operating system ! So it will become more and more important to access your handwriting in future since the progress of individual will be focus area for every body. There will not only be interest on individual level but also social , corporate and national level organisations to use handwriting analysis to analysis & and improve personalities. I have made money on virtually every aspect of graphology and its application. Hence I can confirm with conviction about the immense potential and creative satisfaction this offers to any body.” 

Would love to hear your views on handwriting analysis as a career.

I see a very big opportunity to students of graphology as a full time professional ! It is both rewarding on monetary levels and the kind of satisfaction you get to contribute to other peoples life. This is simply incomparable !! I feel very proud of myself when some body walks to me and credits me of the positive  changes in his life to my suggestions in changing his writing and signature. I have forgotten him but he looks at me as his hero !! Nothing can replace that feeling !!

This blog series is a perfect way to understand thought process & experiences various handwriting experts around the world.  It will be a wonderful platform to spread the knowledge and relations beyond geographic boundaries. We handwriting analyst can connect, discuss, share & spread our knowledge.

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Did you like the idea of sharing experiences of Handwriting Analyst around the world? What do you think of it? Comment below. Your feedback matters!

And if you are a professional handwriting analyst, share your experiences to my mail. I will be happy to publish it.

To know more about graphology/handwriting analysis read Gestalt method which includes Margins, Spacing, Size & Baseline in handwriting.

If you are interested to enroll for a certification course, re`ad my blog on Graphology Courses and Institutes in India.

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  4. Very interesting story, much similar to that of mine. I am basically engineer with post grad in Marketing Management. But instead of continuing in the same field, I preferred this psychology based technique of graphology. And with this I discovered how pleasing it is to work in the field we love.

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