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Hello again! This blog reveals views of handwriting expert Zubin Vevaina. As we know handwriting analysis is getting well known nowadays. I thought why not just take review of all the handwriting experts in the world. It is interesting to understand how everyone was introduced to the world of graphology/ handwriting analysis. 

Everyone can understand that knowing few facts of handwriting analysis doesn’t make any person expert. To become Handwriting Analyst or Handwriting Expert requires hard work & experience. Well known handwriting experts have struggled for years before getting success. Handwriting Analysis is a tool which goes hand in hand with counselling, career guidance, pre-marriage counselling, understanding health issues, recruitment etc. I realized many handwriting experts are working on a personal level for many years. Putting their views together and learning through their experiences was a learning experience for me as well. So, I interviewed many people and sharing their views with you all. It will help us to know the opinions of different handwriting analysts through this platform. You can read his Interview..

Handwriting Expert- Zubin Vevaina

When & How you were introduced to Handwriting Analysis?

I got acquainted to the world of Graphology in the year 2005, August. It was more out of curiosity rather than any particular purpose that I started learning this subject. As I began practicing and learning from different sources, I found myself improving in most aspects of life. From performing better in academics, to consistent growth of reasoning and understanding capabilities, improved physical, mental and emotional health and awareness, I was starting to live a better quality of life. From the year 2005 to 2009 I was constantly working on myself, practicing handwriting analysis, researching the science in Graphology and also began to teach it casually to friends and interested individuals. As my skill and observation power grew, my hunger to know more expanded beyond the teachings I had received. Around the year 2009 I began doing research on Graphology on my own, from scratch; the reason being that most of teachers who taught me Graphology did not explain to me the logic or the mathematics behind most of our observations. This puzzled me because although we call Graphology a ‘science’, I rarely saw any mathematics being used to make calculations. My premise is that if a subject has mathematics it can be called a science, else not! Since most of the questions were left unanswered I decided to start a new path in Graphology that is strictly based on Geometry (a branch of mathematics), logic based thinking and most importantly, common sense.

Handwriting Expert - Zubin Vevaina
Mystic Graphology by Zubin

How graphology helped to improve yourself?

I was a consistent failure throughout most of my school life. Not only academically but also, emotionally, mentally and physically I was having slow growth and maturity. Graphology changed all that in 2005 and rather quickly in a way that I was able to enjoy my college life, academically and socially. From being a consistent failure to becoming an accomplished
graduate, life was certainly much better.

How is graphology's future in technology's era? Will it sustain?? What do you think about it?

In the current era of technology and the trendy lack of requirement for handwriting, one does wonder how Graphology would survive. Would it lose its purpose and requirement? Contrary to the obvious, the value and power of Graphology actually grows. This is evident because as human history suggests, that which is rare, is precious.
For e.g., in the mid 90’s receiving an email felt special but receiving a hard copy letter from the post was considered rather ordinary in experience. Barely 10 years later, receiving an email becomes a common, and thanks to spam even an annoying experience! Whereas now receiving a handwritten letter seems rather ‘warm’. Coming to the point, when emails were rare, it felt good to receive or send it, and later on when letters became rare it felt good to see an envelope with personally scribbled purpose. So as writing becomes rare, the value and requirement of Graphology would certainly increase.

Any one of your interesting experience in this field and any incidence which influenced your life deeply?

Although I have many of my friends and students experiences that I can share, by far the experiences that have influenced my life the most are that of my own growth and prosperity.
Prosperity not only in terms of wealth, but also about wealth of a better mind-set, new philosophy and expansion of my comfort zone to areas of thought I would previously had avoided or thought never to exist.

What would u like to say to upcoming people in this field?

Question everything! Logical and critical thinking is most welcome and essential in the field of Graphology if it is to progress. Whether you are learning Graphology from me or anyone, make sure that what they teach has basis in geometry, logic and common sense, else you will be trapped in judgementalism and handwriting analysis will quickly turn into a bland, repetitive experience.

How is Graphology as a career?

Graphology and handwriting analysis is fun as a passion but as a profession or career it can be a challenge. To balance profit and passion in a profession such as Graphology requires a high degree of integrity and personal purpose. The imbalance on either side makes a Graphologist look ordinary or money minded. Graphology is rather a tool. A tool in the hands of a skilled and observant being can quickly give an advantage of knowing others discreetly. This skill can make life much easier. Like farmer with a bullock cart compared with a farmer with a tractor. Unless he has never used a tractor he won’t feel the need or the advantage of it; but once the farmer starts using the tractor, the convenience is hard to let go off. So until a person does not practise or use Graphology in daily life he may never feel the requirement of it. But once a person experiences the power and advantage that Graphology provides, it then becomes rather addictive and an essential part of lifestyle. So the toughest part in a career of Graphology is the first experience the Graphologist provides to prospective client and the consistent experience of handwriting analysis later on. With proper skill and guidance, both these aspects can be achieved, leading to a fruitful and prosperous career that possibly has no requirement for a retirement date.

This blog series is a way to understand thought process & experiences various handwriting experts around the world.  It will be a wonderful platform to spread the knowledge and relations beyond geographic boundaries. We handwriting analyst can connect, discuss, share & spread our knowledge.

Thank you…!!!

Did you like the idea of sharing experiences of Handwriting Analyst around the world? What do you think of it? Comment below. Your feedback matters!

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