Are you a Leader? Find out from your Handwriting Size

While assessing any handwriting, handwriting size is among the most essential factors. In accordance with graphology, it reflects how a individual feels about self, how much he gives value to his or her actions. Handwriting Size can help to discover a individual’s social aptitude. Additionally, it shows if someone is a thinker or a performer.

Handwriting Size

For measuring handwriting size, it is imperative to understand that one must measure Middle Zone (MZ) only. Measuring different zones will not give a suitable sketch of character. One must measure random letters in the total script. We can measure it in two distinct ways. The height of MZ letter is figured from baseline in Millimeters (mm). How to read handwriting size? The answer to this query is on the lookout for the MZ letters only, which can be a, c, m, n, o, r, s, etc.. Standard handwriting size is 3 mm that is 1/8th of an inch. Another method of measuring size is comparing the height of circular letters with width. Lowercase letter a and o can be measured with this.

Measuring handwriting in millimeters:

These two are the exactly opposite personalities.

Write choice explains thinking big, people’s person, lack of concentration, carefree souls are the main points about large handwriting size.

A website Graphologypro explains small size writer is rather a tactician than a strategist.

We can easily spot them in actual life too. When we meet them at a party, the individual having large handwriting size is going to be viewed undoubtedly in the middle of a group. Enjoying, having fun. This individual will be well known. He will mix up with everyone, and he will be the famous person at the party. He will speak with everybody. 

For better understanding, you can compare a individual who has large handwriting using a movie character. In ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ movie, Aakash Malhotra’s character (Aamir Khan) can have a large handwriting size. He wants to create an impression. He enjoys attention and admiration. He gives much importance to the self. He likes to flaunt. It is shown that he frequently acts before thinking. On the other hand, Siddharth Sinha; Sid; (Akshay Khanna) is introduced as a reserved personality in public but not with buddies. He is humble. Not demanding anything, modest. Lacks dynamism. He is self-conscious. Hesitant character can be seen in his personality. His handwriting as the character in the film can be of small handwriting.

These are few samples of large handwriting size and small handwriting size.

Handwriting Size
Large Handwriting Size - 2
Handwriting Size
Small Handwriting Size

Extra Large Handwriting Size:

Handwriting Size

So now, let’s understand what are the other types.

More than 8 millimeter size of MZ is considered as extra large handwriting. According to handwriting analysis personality traits are as follows:

This writer has the very same features as large handwriting but on the excessive level. Now if you would like to learn what exactly does large handwriting mean, see above table. The individual who writes extra large writing exaggerates everything. The writer conveys others something that’s precisely the contrary of his character. He demands attention because in reality somewhere, he has a huge inferiority complex. He pretends to be a leader, but in fact, he is not.  He is the egoistic person who feels small within the self.

Following sample is of extra large handwriting size. it is taken from Handwriting university 

Handwriting Size
Extra Large Handwriting

Medium Handwriting Size:

Handwriting Size

3-5 mm size of MZ is the medium size of handwriting. What does medium handwriting mean? The writer is the middle person. Not much extrovert neither reserved. A fantastic communicator.  Thinks and acts alike. Normally, they blend in with all the people they are around. These writers are practical, active and realistic. These people can be great team members.

Handwriting Size
Medium Size Handwriting

Miniature Handwriting Size:

Handwriting Size

Equal to or less than 1.5 mm size of MZ is tiny handwriting. This writing can be legible and illegible.

Legible writing:

The writers who write legible and tiny writing have extreme ability to concentrate. Exceptionally detail oriented person. This person is very clear about his thoughts. The personality of a writer is a concentrated form of small writing size. Similar to small writing but the intensity is increased. They can be better critics.

‘They stand out due to their excessive ability for analysis of situations, what makes decision making and problem resolution late.’ says a website handwriting-graphology. He has explained miniature writing as micrographia. It is worth reading.

Illegible writing:

Abnormally small handwriting with illegibility can describe a person as a not trustworthy person. He/ she has done something in life which he is not very comfortable with. The person never discloses self readily.

Check out the handwriting analysis of Charles Darwin. His handwriting is considered as miniature.

Handwriting Size

Variable Handwriting Size

Handwriting size

We can often see the variable size in a sample as well. It means an irregular self-image. It also shows the casual approach of life. The writer shows uncertainty and indecisiveness. The writer might be emotionally unstable. He is too much tangled in his feelings. At times he can be overly expressive and sometimes reserved. It depends on the variability of size. following is sample of variable size.

Handwriting size
Variable Size Handwriting

Height is more than width

Handwriting Size

Measuring handwriting comparing height and width considers letter a or o. If we measure it by height and width, we can see three types. First is Height is more than width.

As we can see, it is squeezed writing. This person is forward-looking. He/ she takes interest in outside world. Ambitious. At the same time, a person is impatient. A person takes the initiative.

Height is equal to Width

Handwriting Size

If anyone writes like this, the person wants to become ideal. He/ she acts, talks, does everything as an ideal person. Often feels stressed because of this. Wants perfection in every aspect of life. Tries to become flawless.

Height is less than Width

Handwriting Size

This person is a bit lazy person. Often inactive. The person always needs a push to start. Takes time in decision making. He may not get desired success due to lazy nature.


I hope you enjoyed my post on Handwriting Size in Graphology. Above mentioned types of Handwriting Sizes professional graphologists use to analyze personality. 

So do write on a paper and check size of your handwriting. Or you can check writings of your friends.

Comment below and let us know your findings.

Note: Assessing personality just by looking at handwriting size is not correct. There are many factors to be considered such as pen pressure, spacing, margins, baselines etc. Stay tuned for such interesting article.

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